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  • Power Responsive

    • Our world is changing. So is the energy system that powers it.

      Power Responsive is a collaborative approach to turn debate into action and realise the possibilities created by demand side solutions.

      It is a practical platform to galvanise businesses, suppliers, policy makers and others to seize the opportunity to shape the growth of demand side response collaboratively, and deliver it in practice at scale by 2020.

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    • The move to a low carbon economy coupled with rapid advances in technology and innovation are transforming our electricity supply. Emerging is a network of low carbon and renewable energy. But supply is only half the story. The challenge now is to exploit new opportunities to radically evolve our energy system by changing the way we use electricity.

      Demand side response is intelligent energy usage. By knowing when to increase, decrease or shift their electricity consumption, businesses and consumers will save on total energy costs and can reduce their carbon footprints. It is the smart way to create new and efficient patterns of demand.

      National Grid sits at the heart of the UK’s energy system. We know the way energy is managed is changing. And we see the value demand side solutions will bring. We want to play our part and help facilitate the rapid growth of demand side solutions.