• Future of Gas
  • Now Published: Unlocking network capability: the gas network and its role in the UK’s energy future 

    So far, the Future of Gas series has examined the opportunities for gas as part of the energy mix to 2050 and its role in solving the energy trilemma. The final chapter, Unlocking network capability, looks at why the gas network is essential for enabling the UK’s future energy ambition.

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  • ‘Future of gas’ is the overarching theme around of a series of papers we are publishing addressing the critical role that gas has to play in the future energy mix.

    The basis of the series is the Energy 2050: The gas network of the future presentation, developed in May 2015, which sets out the wide range of external factors to be considered.

    The first publication, Delivering for our customers, establishes the framework for the series, sets the context for gas in the current and future energy mix and sets out the questions that need to be answered with regard to four specific topics covered individually throughout the series:

    1. Supply of renewable gas
    2. Domestic heat
    3. Transport
    4. Unlocking network capability

    Delivering and maintaining an energy supply which meets the needs of consumers and business today and tomorrow is what we do day in, day out. Whilst we have set out our vision for the next 35 years, there are still some important choices to make about our priorities for investment and focus for innovation in order to provide long term value, security and sustainability for the UK.

    The current and future direction of energy policy and the shape size and mix of the energy network in the UK is an increasingly hot topic; the role that gas can play in both the short and long term must be considered if we are to meet the demands of the energy trilemma – security, affordability and sustainability.

    There are clearly some considerable opportunities and challenges in designing the shape of the future energy mix for the UK. This Future of Gas series will set out to consider what role gas has to play, how we might achieve it and how it will impact on us all.

    We are looking for people with an interest in the UK’s energy future to engage with us so together we can inform the debate by providing insight and comment on our four topics (supply of renewable gas, domestic heat, transport and network capability).