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    Gas Ten Year Statement

    The Gas Ten Year Statement (GTYS) is published annually to provide you, our customers and stakeholders, with a better understanding on how we intend to plan and operate the gas National Transmission System (NTS) over the next ten years.

    We use GTYS to provide information to help you to identify connection and capacity opportunities on the NTS. We summarise key projects and changes to our internal processes that may impact you.

    We provide updates on current and future challenges which impact the way we plan and operate the NTS. We also discuss what we’re doing to address them as System Operator and Transmission Owner. We are keen to engage with you to get your feedback on what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

    2016 Gas Ten Year Statement
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  • We welcome your feedback and comments on the content and scope of this year’s document. Please let us know what we can improve upon in future versions to make this document more valuable to you.

    Get in touch with us via our GTYS mailbox or complete our feedback form.

    Charts and data from figures within GTYS 2016 can be found by clicking here.

  • The GTYS is a National Grid Transmission document, which concentrates solely on the transmission network.

    A separate Long Term Development Plan is developed for the distribution networks owned by National Grid. This is a National Grid Distribution document, produced independently from the GTYS so the two will not necessarily be consistent.

    The GTYS is produced to comply with National Grid Gas plc’s obligations in Special Condition 7A of its Gas Transporters Licence relating to the NTS and Section O4.1 of the Transportation Principal Document of the Uniform Network Code.