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    Electricity Ten Year Statement

    The Electricity Ten Year Statement (ETYS) was first published in November 2012 to combine the former National Grid electricity publications, the Seven Year Statement (SYS) and the Offshore Development Information Statement (ODIS).

    We publish the ETYS annually in our role as National Electricity Transmission System Operator (SO), with contribution from the GB Transmission Owners comprising National Grid Electricity Transmission, Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission and Scottish Power Transmission.

    The ETYS is part of the annual electricity transmission planning cycle and shows the likely future transmission requirements of bulk power transfer capability of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS). This is based on the Future Energy Scenarios (FES), which help us capture a wide range of future network requirements.

    The transmission requirements we present in the ETYS refer to the wider transmission system reinforcements only. Potential deficits in network capability to meet the requirements identified in the ETYS undergo the Network Options Assessment (NOA) process. From this, our preferred options for network investment are published in the NOA report.

    The ETYS for 2016, published on 30 November 2016, communicates the following: (1) the present transmission capacity of key NETS regions; (2) the identified future NETS capacity deficits that will undergo the NOA process; and (3) the work we’re doing to ensure the NETS continues facilitate demand security,for situations when future intermittent renewable plants are unavailable and a large amount of existing conventional plants have closed. 

     2016 Electricity Ten Year Statement
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    • Customer Connection Interface Tool

      Last year we created an interactive tool to help you access network information in a user-friendly way – the  Customer Connection Interface Tool (CCIT). With your positive feedback and help we have developed the tool further and expanded it to include all of England and Wales. 

      You can use our CCIT to find out more about our transmission sites, current and future generation connections and development times, and to understand the challenges we face in developing the NETS. We have also created a quick guide to the CCIT.

      We would greatly value your feedback. All questions are optional and the whole survey should take no more than three minutes to complete. Contact us


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  • 2016 Electricity Ten Year Statement and Appendices

    06 Dec 2016
    ETYS 2016
    5975 KB

    30 Nov 2016
    ETYS 2016 Appendix A
    3135 KB

    30 Nov 2016
    ETYS 2016 Appendix B
    605 KB

    30 Nov 2016
    ETYS 2016 Appendix C
    3860 KB

    30 Nov 2016
    ETYS 2016 Appendix D
    160 KB

    30 Nov 2016
    ETYS 2016 Appendix D Data
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  • For previous editions of the ETYS, please visit the ETYS Archive page.

  • Generation and Demand Data

    This year, we’ve moved the generation and demand data which we published previously as our appendices F and G here
  • Half-year update to 2016 ETYS

  • 31 May 2017
    Half-year update to 2016 ETYS Final
    367 KB

  • Network Options Assessment (NOA) report

    Following conclusion of the Integrated Transmission Planning and Regulation (ITPR) project, transmission developments and how they are assessed will now be published as part of a new Network Options Assessment (NOA) report. The first NOA report will be published in March 2016. Please visit our Network Options Assessment page for more information.