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  • Useful Links

    • For further reading on European energy issues, the following websites are recommended:

      Joint Office of Gas Transporters - For details of specific Modifications see the Joint Office Website

      Industry Associations 

      ENTSOE - European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity
      ENTSOG - European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas
      GIE - Gas Infastructure Europe
      CORESO - Electricity Regional Coordination Service



      ACER - Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators
      CEER - Council of European Energy Regulators
      Ofgem - Energy Regulator of Great Britain


      European Institutions

      European Commission - Directorate General for Energy
      European Parliament - Parliment of 754 directly elected MEPs
      Council of the European Union - Council of representives from each Member State
      Offical Journal of the European Union - Access to European Union law and other public documents 


      National Government Departments 

      DECC - Department of Energy and Climate Change


      Industry Group

      JESG - Joint European Standing Group

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