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EU Project 2015 - Implementation Information

Shipper Contingency Form Link:-


  Any questions or queries can be sent to or ring 01926 654 127


Updated 22 December 2015 - Capacity TAB and FAQs have both been updated today.


Updated 17 November 2015 - Capacity TAB has been updated today.


Updated 28 October 2015

Dear Colleague

As you will be aware, 1st November is a key milestone in the delivery of the system and process changes associated with the implementation of EU Codes. The purpose of this letter is to provide an update on the changes to Gemini being implemented on Thursday 29th October, and to make you aware of an issue affecting within day auctions at Bacton IP ASEP from 1st November.

Scope of system for EU Nominations and Balancing fixes being implemented on 29th October 2015 

On Friday morning 03:15 to 06:15 there will be an extended outage window to Gemini. During this time there will be some fixes loaded to resolve some of the issue around the EU Balancing and Nominations processes.

The fixes that will be delivered will be

  • The nominations ‘lock out’ issue during the matching process has been resolved
  • A User can re-nominate again at hour bar +5 minutes (recommended to give the DELORD file a chance to leave the system)
  • The issue of nomination start time not automatically populating for within day matching cycles starting at hour bars 21:00, 22:00 and 23:00 has also been resolved
  • Shipper balance screens are being corrected going forward to show the correct confirmed nominations
  • Users are now able to re-nominate a positive value if a zero value has been entered as the original nomination
  • An issue with day-ahead re-nominations submitted between 04:00 and 05:00 has now been resolved

Also as you have been aware from 1st October we have offered a line of support for EU Nominations / Balancing issues and this will continue until a further update. Note however this is only for the EU Nomination and Balancing process and not for general queries.

John McNamara will be the first point of contact and the number to use is 0192 665 4127. If your issue is a general Gemini one then please direct to the Xoserve Help line which is 0845 600 0506.

Issue Affecting Within Day Auctions for Entry Capacity at Bacton IP ASEP from 1st November

We have recently become aware of an issue affecting the settings of within day entry capacity auctions on Prisma, which means that the auctions will have to run with a non-zero reserve price.

We have written separately to shippers registered on Prisma to provide a more detailed explanation of the impact of this issue. If you are a registered user on Prisma and have not been contacted, please contact me on the details at the top of this letter.

The impact of this issue can be summarised as follows:

  • Within day auctions run on Prisma for entry capacity at Bacton IP ASEP will be set up to run with a non-zero reserve price of 0.00000001p/kWh/d
  • Capacity invoices will be adjusted to remove the impact of the reserve price
  • There is expected to be a very small impact on capacity neutrality (up to 13p/day); we are not proposing to adjust neutrality at this time
  • Aggregate auction reports In Prisma, Gemini and MIPI will continue to show the impact of the reserve price

We are currently investigating the most appropriate way to implement a permanent resolution to this issue. Given that this is expected to involve a system change to at least one of Gemini or Prisma, any solution is likely to take some time to scope, test and implement. We will continue to communicate implementation updates via ANS, the National Grid webpage here and Joint Office/ENA emails as appropriate.

Finally can I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue. If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Jon Dutton at or on 07976 268933.

Yours sincerely

Chris Gumbley

National Grid Gas Transmission

Updated 19 October 2015


Updated 16 October 2015

  • Extended outage of Gemini for EU integration implementation – Thursday 29th October 2015.

    This communication is to notify you that there will be an extended outage of Gemini on Thursday 29th October for the purposes of implementing final integration elements and corrective fixes for the EU regime associated with phase 2. 

    The Gemini system will be unavailable from 03.15 for 3 hours whilst essential activities are carried out. Services will be available again at 06.15.  A contingency date of 31st October will be utilised if there is an issue with the activities on the 29th October.

    Users are advised that any activity completed during this time will be processed during catch up activities at the end of the outage period. 

    Undertaking activities on these dates ensures that all obligations are met for the start of the EU Capacity Regime on 1st November. Please contact us if you have any queries via email:   

  • Please note any pending fixes due to be deployed will now be deployed during this outage.



Updated 30 September 2015

  • Important updates have been made to the 'NOMINATION TAB' - including temporary contingency arrangements.
  • Important updates have been made to the FAQs Document under 'Useful Contacts and FAQs TAB'.


Updated 21 September 2015

This page is to provide industry information to help manage successful implementation of EU change, primarily covering the prominent change arrangements being delivered Oct/Nov 2015. 

 EU Gas Change Timeline
 EU Ph2 Implementation Timeline

The EU Codes Legal Roadmap document has been prepared by National Grid NTS to serve as a reminder and summary for stakeholders of the various UNC and other contractual changes that are needed to implement the EU Codes

EU Codes Legal Roadmap

The section will help act as a guide to highlight areas that your organisation may be required to change or complete prior to key dates, while also providing useful information to aid answers to any questions you may have.

Please click on the below tabs to see the information.