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  • CUSC Issues Standing Group (CISG)

  • The CUSC Issues Standing Group (CISG) has been set up by National Grid under the governance of the CUSC Panel. There are a number of other standing groups under the CUSC such as the Transmission Charging Methodologies Forum (TCMF); Governance Standing Group (GSG); Balancing Services Standing Group and the Commercial Balancing Services Group (CBSG).  You can find further information on these Standing Groups here.

    The objective of the CISG is to provide a forum where interested parties can raise general issues with the CUSC that are not covered by any of the other groups established under the CUSC. These issues could cover changes, for example, to general rights and obligations, User Commitment (pre and post connection liabilities and securities), general credit and security requirements and cross-code issues affecting the CUSC.  The Standing Group will aim to consider and develop well-formed CUSC Modification Proposals that can be taken forward by individual CUSC Parties or by National Grid, and will also aim to coordinate and time proposals so that all industry parties are better able to resource CUSC Workgroups. The intention will be to run this group adjacent to TCMF to minimise travel for those who would attend both meetings. 

    The actions of this Standing Group will in no way restrict the right of an individual CUSC Party to raise a CUSC Modification Proposal at any time in accordance with the rules outlined in the CUSC. 

    The Terms of Reference and material discussed are provided below.

  • Terms of Reference

  • 17 Dec 2015
    87 KB

  • 11th May 2016

  • 24 May 2016
    TCMF and CISG Agendas May 16 v1_0
    137 KB

    24 May 2016
    CISG meeting minutes May 2016 V1 0
    151 KB

  • 9th March 2016

  • 01 Apr 2016
    CISG meeting minutes Mar 2016 v1 0
    158 KB

  • 6th January 2016

  • 15 Jan 2016
    85 KB

    05 Jan 2016
    TCMF and CISG Agenda Jan 16
    171 KB

  • 11th November 2015

  • 05 Jan 2016
    81 KB

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