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  • LTDP 2016Annual Long Term Development Plan

    Our Gas Distribution Long Term Development Plan is an annual document, produced in accordance with Standard Special Condition D3 of our RDN Gas Transporters' Licence.  It provides a ten-year forecast of gas transportation system usage and likely system developments.  

    Who is it for?

    The Long Term Development Plan can be used by any organisation thinking of connecting to our system or entering into transportation arrangements, to identify and evaluate opportunities. 

    Your feedback counts

    Continual feedback really helps us improve the plan so that it provides the most appropriate information for you. Please provide any feedback you have on the 2016 document.

    Key contents

    The document contains: 

    • our latest volume forecasts, 
    • system reinforcement projects and 
    • key investment plans.  

    It has been published at the end of the 2016 planning process following a re-appraisal of our analysis of the supply and demand position for UK Gas Distribution, which is also the first step of our 2017 planning process.

  • 2016 Documents

  • Gas Distribution Long Term Development Plan 2016
    3041 KB

    LTDP Charts and Base Data 2016
    172 KB

  • Archive

  • Gas Distribution Long Term Development Plan 2015
    981 KB

    LTDP Excel Charts 2015
    719 KB