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  • The Stakeholder Advisory Group

  • The Stakeholder Advisory Group is an independent group of stakeholder organisations who will work together to identify those areas that would benefit most from the Visual Impact Provision project. Together with landscape consultants, the group chaired by environmentalist, Chris Baines will identify potential projects - both large and small - that can deliver the greatest visual mitigation of existing transmission lines in AONBs and National Parks.

    For the Visual Impact Provision project to succeed, it is vital that stakeholders play a central role in helping to identify those areas and lines which would benefit most from expenditure under the Visual Impact Provision.

    This applies both to large major capital programmes (such as undergrounding and re-routeing) to small landscape enhancement schemes under the Landscape Enhancement Initiative (more information to follow).

    To achieve this, we established a Stakeholder Advisory Group which comprises representatives from organisations dedicated to enhancing landscape and countryside throughout England and Wales. The members advise the project on key decisions and on the most effective ways to engage with local stakeholders outside the main Advisory Group.

     Stakeholder Advisory Group logos

    The group's members are:

    Organisation  Member
    Cadw Ashley Batten
    Campaign for National Parks Fiona Howie
    Campaign to Protect Rural England  
    Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales  Peter Ogden
    Historic England  Shane Gould
    National Association of AONBs Howard Sutcliffe
    National Grid George Mayhew
    National Parks England Sarah Kelly
    National Parks Wales Jonathan Cawley
    National Trust Dr. Ingrid Samuel
    Natural England Liz Newton
    Natural Resources Wales Keith Davies
    Ofgem Anna Kulhavy
    The Landscape Institute Mary O’Connor
    The Ramblers Nicky Philpott
    Visit England  Sam Oakley
    Visit Wales Lawrence Manley

    What is the role of the Stakeholder Advisory Group?

    The Stakeholder Advisory Group’s role is to identify a list of potential projects - large and small - across AONBs and National Parks in England and Wales that could benefit from the fund and to select those that deliver the greatest visual mitigation judged against a range of criteria. The Stakeholder Advisory Group’s role will be to work with National Grid and ensure: the fund delivers maximum benefit in terms of enhancing the landscape while using the fund in the most economical and efficient way; and ensuring that there are no negative impacts on sensitive environments as the enhancements are made.

    The Stakeholder Advisory Group will help to:

    • identify initial priorities for the use of the Visual Impact Provision, based on the guiding principles set out above
    • consider the technical inputs and evidence provided by National Grid
    • consider the input of wider stakeholders who are not directly represented on the Stakeholder Advisory Group (e.g. specific comments on where use of Visual Impact Provision funds might be beneficial, or where there is evidence of public support)
    • identify the specific infrastructure and locations which would most benefit
    • define the projects which should be taken to development phase by National Grid, and
    • re-consider or re-assess priorities and use of the fund, as development of projects progresses.
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