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  • West Yorkshire
    • Project description

    • We will be carrying out work on our electricity transmission lines in West Yorkshire during 2015 and 2016. The overhead lines in the area were commissioned in the late 1960s and after almost 50 years of service they need to be refurbished. This essential maintenance will ensure we continue to provide a reliable supply of energy to homes and businesses for years to come.

      When we start working you may notice our contractors on and around the pylons along the route. You may also see some activity ahead of the main work as our contractors get set up to deliver the works, creating temporary access routes to the pylons. During certain parts of the work it will be necessary to use netting, and scaffolding over roads and byways while we replace insulators, tower fittings and conductors along the route.

      We will get this work done as quickly and safely as we can, while keeping the impact on local communities to a minimum.

    • Latest update

    • The first stage will start in April 2015 when we will refurbishing 10km of overhead line between Eggborough Power Station and our sub-station near the village of Monk Fryston. We expect to have completed this section of the line by July 2015.

      The second stage of the work is the refurbishment of 40km of overhead line between Monk Fryston sub-station and the pylon near Norwood Green to the South west of Bradford. This work will start in April 2016, with completion planned for October 2016.