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  • Tregele-Eng
    • Project description

    • We’re carrying out some essential maintenance work on 77 pylons between Tregele and Valley to ensure local people continue to receive reliable electricity supplies and the line remains fit for the future. Our work will include:

      • Repainting the pylons to protect them from rust and weather damage
      • Replacing the wires and insulators (the glass discs that hang from the pylon arms)

      This work does not involve building any new pylons and is not part of the North Wales Connection project’s plans to provide a second connection for Wylfa Newydd.

      Preparation work begins in July 2017 and we’ll be working on the pylons from August 2017.  The refurbishment will be finished by the end of 2017.

      We will need to erect some scaffolding along the route and set up a temporary site office and areas for equipment storage.  We’ve made arrangements with landowners to do this and also to remove our equipment when the work is complete.

      There will be a range of vehicles to bring materials to and from site, including vans and lorries.

      While the work is carried out there will be a small number of footpath closures. At points along the route where overhead lines pass over roads, we will also need to install temporary traffic management measures. These will typically only last a few hours at a time.

      There will also be a small number of times when we will need to interrupt electricity supply. We think this will only be for two or three hours at a time and this would be in small areas, not along the whole line. These would be timed to be as convenient as possible.

      We will always write to people in advance to let them know of temporary road closures or supply interruptions.

      Our community relations team is available while the work takes place and happy to answer any questions you may have.

      For more detailed information and a map of our work, take a look at our latest community bulletin on the right hand side of the page.