• Gas pipeline: River Humber pipeline replacement project. Replacing a natural gas pipeline across the River Humber
    • Project description

    • National Grid is working with local communities to find the best option for a replacement natural gas pipeline across the River Humber.

      The River Humber pipeline is an important pipeline - connecting an import location for gas at Easington, on the East Yorkshire coast, to the national network and delivering gas supplies to millions of customers throughout the UK.

      The pipeline is 5km long and runs in a trench along the river bed between Paull, on the north bank of the Humber, and Goxhill, on the south bank.

      Over time, tidal patterns have eroded the river bed covering the pipeline leading to parts of it becoming exposed. Recognising this issue, we developed an innovative engineering solution to protect the pipeline by covering exposed areas with gravel-filled bags with concrete frond mattresses placed over the top. These incorporate plastic fronds to mimic seaweed and encourage the settlement of sand and silt.

      This solution ensured the pipeline could continue to operate normally in the short-term and inspections have shown it has been effective and successful. We are now looking at the options for constructing a new pipeline beneath the Humber, by trench or tunnel, as a long-term solution.

      We anticipate submitting applications to the relevant authorities in 2015, following further consultation with local communities. If the project is granted consent, construction could start in 2017.

    • Latest update

    • The Stage Two consultation has now closed. The consultation took place between 22 September and 31 October 2014. Over 100 members of the public came to our three exhibition events at Paull, Goxhill and East Halton. The feedback we received will help inform the project as we get ready to submit our application in the new year.

    • Further information

    • More information on this project can be found on our dedicated River Humber Pipeline Project pages.