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  • Cremorne Lane
    • Project description

    • The gas holder at Cremorne Lane has been providing gas to the city since the 1960s. As part of this project we will be looking at ways the history of the gas works can be remembered and are inviting local people to share their memories of the site. If you have any stories, please contact our team on 0800 840 2750 or email

      The way gas is delivered to our homes has improved dramatically. There is no longer a need to use large gas holders to store gas. Through advances in technology, gas can now be stored in the pipe system itself.As part of our commitment to bringing places like this back into use, we will be clearing the site so it can be used for something new.

      Gasholder tanks contain large volumes of water to help contain gas when they were operational. Initially, the remaining water will be removed and then the roof, known as the crown, will be dismantled section by section. We anticipate there will be some residue at the bottom of the gas holder, which will need to be removed and taken away. The final stage will be dismantling the gas holder shell, which will be cut up into small pieces and recycled.

      Everything we do on site is planned and complies with stringent safety and environmental procedures and all relevant legislation. We are mindful of the location of the site and will coordinate our site vehicles onto and off the site to minimise disruption.

      We are highly experienced at managing regeneration sites and we have systems in place to ensure the site clearance work takes place as smoothly as possible for everyone concerned.

    • Latest update

    • Before we can dismantle the gas holder, we need to remove the remaining water by pumping to the local sewer network. This will start in October 2015 and is likely to take around one month.

      We expect to complete the work by April 2016.

      Norwich Power House is drawing up plans and will be applying for planning permission to develop the land and create a park themed on energy, including a biomass power station, visitors' centre, student accommodation and research facilities. This is an entirely separate project managed by Norwich Power House.