• Climate Positive Infographic

  • Our infographic provides insight into how we are reducing our impact on climate change as a business relative to our investment and growth.

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  • Climate Positive
  • We Are Climate Positive

    Sustainable Business is Good Business

    Stakeholders tell us that reducing society's carbon emissions is where we can make the biggest contribution to combating climate change.  That's why we're capitalising on innovative ideas and investing billions to create power networks for smart, sustainable low carbon energy.

    Our Targets

    Reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are a direct result of our operational activities: 80% by 2050 with an interim target of 45% by 2020.

    80% of our top 250 suppliers to report greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.


    We have the potential to save 300,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year by using waste heat to reduce demand for gas at our liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal.

    Almost all the heat energy the LNG plant needs comes from E.ON's nearby power station, using water that has heated up during the station's cooling process.

    We laid 3km of pipeline to transport the water between the two facilities, which has reduced fuel gas use by up to 169M m3/year. That's the equivalent of taking 100,000 cars off the road.


    Our Carbon Calculator

    Understanding how much carbon is embedded in the goods and services we buy, helping us make informed decisions that reduce our environmental impact.

    We have developed the carbon interface tool that accurately calculates the carbon intensity of an infrastructure project. We're asking our supply chain to include this in their bids, allowing us to see where the areas of focus might be.

    The tool allows us to measure our performance against targets, find innovative ways to work and become more efficient.

    92 schemes have been evaluated with the tool so far.

    HELPING TO REDUCE CARBON IMPACTS FOR THE FUTURE - We’re securing low carbon energy for current and future demand

    A new transport network for CO2

    Our award-winning project to transport captured CO2 for storage below the sea has the potential to unlock a multi-billion pound UK industry.

    Described as game-changing by MPs, this work could help the government hit challenging climate change goals.

    The aim is to build a large shared network of pipes that can capture CO2 from power plants.

    We have drilled the world's first offshore test well for CO2 storage to prove the CO2 we transport can be stored at scale.


    We’ve reduced our emissions from 19.6Mt CO2e in 1990 to 7.4MT CO2e in 2014

    That’s 62% less Greenhouse Gas emissions from the entire National Grid.  That saves as much carbon as flying a 747 non-stop for 44 years.

    We cut our energy consumption by a quarter (23%) between 11/12 and 13/14 – a reduction of 110,170 MWh.

    We connect and deliver 18TWh of energy from renewable sources like solar and wind to where it is needed – enough to power a quarter of all UK homes for a year.

    National Grid is investing in projects that cut carbon emissions, enhance ecosystems, reduce waste and increase recycling. We are transforming our company to excel in the face of these challenges, managing our exposure to risk, investing in options that build environmental gain and reduce our running costs to give us long-term financial strength.