• Welcome to our 2015/16 Non-financial Performance Report 

    Our society depends on energy every second of every day. We make this happen by delivering services in a responsible and sustainable way, for the long term benefit of the communities we serve and the environment.

    In 2016 the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals to ‘transform our world’ officially came into force. These goals promote prosperity while protecting the planet. Business has an important role to play in helping to achieve these goals. 

    We have a rich heritage of supporting the communities in which we work and helping to enhance the environment. I am keen that we build on this heritage by making sure that we are doing all we can to generate shared value for our communities, customers and investors.  

    In 2015/16 the shared value we created for the communities where we operate was just over £14.5 million using the London Benchmarking Group measurement framework. Being responsible and sustainable is central both to what we do and how we do it.

    Building strong communities

    Helping to build strong communities is good for the people who live there, good for business and good for the wider economy. We want to support and improve the communities that we work in. We do this by being responsible citizens, volunteering, fundraising and investing in community organisations.

    In April 2016 we published our statement on the prevention of slavery and human trafficking which outlines our policy and ongoing commitment to make sure this awful crime isn’t taking place in our business or in our supply chain. 

    Supporting education and employability 

    Meeting the long-term demands of the energy industry will require future generations of inspired engineers. We believe passionately that young people should receive the best education opportunities possible, especially when it comes to the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths). Our employees held over 18,000 quality interactions with young people on STEM during 2015/16. 

    We want to encourage young people regardless of their background or personal situation to pursue their education and meeting their full potential. This is fundamental to the long-term sustainability of our business and society as a whole.

    In the UK, we are a proud accredited Living Wage employer. We have taken it one step further than the accreditation requires. Our apprentices, higher apprentices, undergraduate students and graduates are also included in our Living Wage commitment. Additionally, we are working with our contractors to make sure that for new and renewed contracts our supply chain will be working to the provisions required by the Living Wage Foundation.

    Enhancing the environment

    We are committed to enhancing the environment for future generations by finding new low carbon energy solutions, cutting greenhouse gases, and improving the environment where we live, work and operate. We are finding better ways of conserving natural resources, using less and recycling what we use to minimize our impact on the environment and nature. 


    Our commitment to ethical standards and practices has been acknowledged by Ethisphere who have once again awarded us World’s Most Ethical Company status. 

    We received a score of 93% in the Business in the Community 2016 Corporate Responsibility Index, an improvement on the previous year’s score of 84% and above the average score of 90% for the Index as a whole.

    These are just a few highlights from 2015/16 demonstrating how we add value to the communities in which we work and how we help to enhance the environment. I invite you to explore our online report further to find out more about our non-financial performance. 

    John Pettigrew
    Chief Executive