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The future will be shaped by what we all do now, by the choices we can make, by the technologies we can develop, by our skills in using those technologies.

Design engineering is critical, but we have a vision that goes wider, deeper, a vision in which we play our part as a business in building a more inclusive society, socially and economically.

It will fall to coming generations to turn this vision into action. That’s why in National Grid we’re active in education, as well as broader sponsorship and volunteering work to engage young people in the challenges that lie in front of us, now and into the future.
The skills gap

The skills gap

We are active in areas of formal education to address future energy needs, as well as addressing the issue of low female participation.

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Business engagement

As a business we not only connect directly in training terms, but indirectly in encouraging our staff to go beyond their day to day roles to support the communities around them.

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