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  • Smell Gas? To report a gas or carbon monoxide emergency, or if a pipeline is struck (even if no gas leak has occurred) call the National Gas Emergency Service 24 hours a day on 0800 111 999 (calls are recorded and may be monitored).
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  • Talking networksTalking Networks is our dedicated website for involving our stakeholders in the development of our business plans. If you would like to view our business plans and/or become involved in our ongoing engagement then please visit:


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  • GD RIIO Customer Video
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    NGGD WM C_O RRP Forecast tables_2015-16
    593 KB

    NGGD NW C_O RRP Forecast tables_2015-16
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    NGGD Lon C_O RRP Forecast tables_2015-16
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    NGGD EoE C_O RRP Forecast tables_2015-16
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    2015 2016 NGGD stakeholder narrative FINAL
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    Our Performance for 2015_16 front cover
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    Our Performance for 2015_16_Final_290716
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    Gas Dx - Stakeholder Engagement Incentive Submission_2015-16
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    160408 Stakeholder Response Consultation Final2
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    Consultation results April16 V1_0
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    Stakeholder panel biographies_Jan16
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    Oct 2015 meeting notes and new actions
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    160216 Stakeholder Engagement 1 Initial Consultation - Final2
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    160215 Stakeholder Engagement 1 Initial Consultation Final1
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    160215 Stakeholder Engagement Consultation
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    MPR Gas Dx Jan 2016
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    NG Have Your Say Nov15 print
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    NG_Stakeholder_AOYI Nov 15
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    NGGD Our Performance for 2014_15 Sept15
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    RRP_GasDistStakeholder print
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    West Midlands network data table
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    North West network data table
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    North London network table
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    East of England network data table
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    NGGD 2014 2015 RRP Supporting Narrative
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    RRP_GDS_insert_WM1 NB
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    RRP_GDS_insert_NW1 NB
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    RRP_GDS_insert_London NB
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    RRP_GDS_insert_East NB
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    DRS-submission- collaborative -FINAL - redacted_Redacted
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    Collaborative DRS-submissionFINAL_May2015
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    National Grid DRS_FINAL_May2015
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    Part 2 Stakeholder Engagement Incentive Submission Final May15V1_0
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    9th June 2015 Event
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    Continue Say 2015 V1_0 print version
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    Committing to You 2015 V1_0 print version
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    Stakeholder Advisory Panel Jan 2015 Meeting
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    Interruptions Update 260115
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    Full Day Presentations Stakeholder Day 8_10_14
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    Stakeholder Advisory Panel July 2014 Meeting Actions Log
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    Stakeholder Advisory Panel October 2014 Meeting Actions Log
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    Acting on Your Ideas Nov14
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    Have Your Say Nov14
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    Gas Industry Forum_23rd October 2014
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    UK Gas Distribution Performance 201314
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    Insert Document Title(10)
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    NGGD 2013 2014 RRP Supporting Narrative(1)
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