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  • Smell Gas? To report a gas or carbon monoxide emergency, or if a pipeline is struck (even if no gas leak has occurred) call the National Gas Emergency Service 24 hours a day on 0800 111 999 (calls are recorded and may be monitored).
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  • If you would like to know about any of National Grid Property’s sites or would like more information about how we work there are a number of ways you can get in touch.

  • We've listed the answers to some of our frequently asked questions here. If  your question is not answered here please scroll down for our contact details.
  • I am interested in purchasing/renting a National Grid Property site, who do I speak to?
    Please call BNP Paribas Real Estate on 0345 850 8929, email or visit

    How many sites does National Grid Property own?
    We own and are responsible for the management of around 350 of National Grid’s surplus sites.

    What land does National Grid own?
    We own a very diverse portfolio of land ranging from former town gasworks and depots to storage facilities and residential properties.

    What is brownfield land?
    Brownfield land is land which has been previously developed.

    What is a town gasworks?
    Town gasworks manufactured household gas from coal between the 1860s and 1960s. Initially built to power factories in the industrial revolution, town gasworks sprung up in towns and cities across the UK as demand for gas soared. During the early 1960s the discovery of large reserves of Natural Gas in the North Sea led to town gasworks becoming redundant.

    Why can’t you leave the sites in their current condition?
    Much of our former industrial land has been under-used for many years, and if we leave it untreated there is little chance it will ever return to benefiecial use. We are committed to tackling the industrial legacy of these sites’ former use as gas manufacturing facilities, and giving this redundant land a new lease of life. 

    You are working close to my home, is my gas supply going to be affected?
    Our work involves the removal of redundant gas infrastructure. Gas is delivered to homes by distribution networks so should not be affected. To learn more about the distribution network where you live visit our information page

    What will you do with land once you have cleaned it up?
    Following decommissioning and remediation of a site, it will be marketed through our real estate service provider, BNP Paribas Real Estate.

  • Find out more about National Grid Property.
  • Real estate enquiries
    • If you are interested in the purchase or rental of one of our sites please contact our real estate provider, BNP Paribas Real Estate on:

      Tel: 0345 850 8929

      or visit our dedicated website

  • Media enquiries

    For media enquiries please visit our media centre and get in touch with one of our regional press officers. Out of office hours please call +44 (0)1926 653000 and ask for the Duty Press Officer.

  • In your area

    Where work is taking place in your area that may impact you we will contact you direct by letter drop. Should you have any additional queries please call the number on your letter. If you have not received a letter please telephone us on 0345 850 8929.