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  • Non-regulated businesses

  • An LNG storage tank being constructed as part of the phase II development at Grain. Non-regulated businesses in the UK are principally metering services, property management, our LNG importation terminal on the Isle of Grain, and the construction and operation of an electricity interconnector between The Netherlands and the UK through our BritNed joint venture.

    Our non-regulated businesses in the US include LNG storage, LNG road transportation, unregulated transmission pipelines, US gas fields and home energy services.

    Grain LNG

    Grain LNG is one of three LNG importation facilities in the UK. It was constructed in three phases becoming operational in 2005, 2008 and 2010 respectively. It operates under long-term contracts with customers and provides importation services, storage and send out capacity on to the national transmission system.

    Grain LNG has two state-of-the-art jetties and can berth and unload the world’s largest LNG ships – Q-Max vessels with a capacity of up to 265,000 cubic metres – into four of the world’s largest above-ground LNG storage tanks.

    We are exploring with customers a number of developments to the Grain site to enhance its revenue earning capability.


    BritNed is a joint venture between National Grid and TenneT, the Dutch transmission system operator, which built, and now owns and operates a 1,000 MW subsea electricity link between the UK and the Netherlands, which is approximately 260 kilometres (162 miles) in length.

    BritNed, which entered commercial operations on 1 April 2011, is a merchant interconnector that sells its capacity via a range of explicit and implicit auction products.


    National Grid Metering (NGM) provides installation and maintenance services to energy suppliers in the regulated market in Great Britain. It maintains an asset base of around 15 million domestic, industrial and commercial meters. Through Ofgem’s Review of Metering Arrangements, National Grid has been appointed National Metering Manager to facilitate the transition to smart metering in the domestic sector.

    NGM has also been leading a pricing consultation to define the tariff caps to apply in future to traditional domestic gas metering. This process is due to conclude in summer 2013.

    In addition, NGM has been further developing its services in the industrial and commercial market. NGM achieved its highest customer satisfaction scores for the last six years for both domestic, and industrial and commercial businesses.

    UK Property

    National Grid Property owns and manages National Grid’s surplus property portfolio across the UK. Our portfolio consists of around 350 former gasworks sites, many of which were once at the heart of the industrial revolution, but have since become redundant due to the evolution of the gas industry.

    This leaves land which can be developed for housing, retail, leisure facilities, schools, open spaces, industry and offices across the UK. We are working in partnership with developers, local authorities, and communities to bring this land back to beneficial use.


    Xoserve delivers transactional services on behalf of all the major gas network transportation companies in Great Britain, including National Grid. Xoserve is jointly owned by National Grid, as majority shareholder, and the other gas distribution network companies.

    National Grid Carbon Ltd

    National Grid Carbon Ltd (hyperlink to Carbon Ltd page) is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Grid. It undertakes Carbon Capture Storage related activities on behalf of National Grid using the extensive skills and expertise we have gained in running safe gas pipeline networks.

    US non-regulated businesses

    Some of our US businesses are not subject to state or federal rate-making authority, including interests in certain of our LNG road transportation, certain gas transmission pipelines (the Millennium and Iroquois gas transmission pipeline projects are regulated by FERC, however our minority equity interests in them are not), and certain commercial services relating to solar installations, fuel cells and other new technologies.