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  • Our Vision, Strategy, Annual Priorities and Line of Sight

    • Our vision and strategy

      Our vision describes our intentions and aspirations at the highest level. Our strategic objectives set out what we believe we need to achieve to deliver our vision and be recognized as a leader in the development and operation of safe, reliable and resilient energy infrastructure.

      Our vision

      Connecting you to your energy today, trusted to help you meet your energy needs tomorrow.

      Our strategy

      To be a recognized leader in the development and operation of safe, reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure, to meet the needs of our customers and communities and to generate value for our investors.

       Deliver operational excellence – Achieve world class levels of safety, reliability, security and customer service.

      Our customers, communities and other stakeholders demand safe, reliable and secure supply of their energy. This is reflected in our regulatory contracts where we are measured and rewarded on the basis of meeting our commitments to customers and other stakeholders.

      Excellence in our operational processes will allow us to manage our assets efficiently, deliver network improvements quickly and provide services that meet the changing demands of our customers.

      Engagement with our customers and communities will make sure what we do reflects their needs and priorities, and that they get the maximum possible value from what we deliver.

      Engage our people – Create an inclusive, high performance culture by developing all our employees.

      It is through the hard work of our employees that we will achieve our vision, respond to the needs of our stakeholders and create a competitive advantage. Encouraging engaged and talented teams that are in step with our strategic objectives is vital to our success.

      Our presence within the communities we serve, the people we work with and our opportunities to grow both individually and as a business are all important to making National Grid a great place to work.

      Stimulate innovation – Promote new ideas to work more efficiently and effectively.

      Our commitment to innovation allows us to run our networks more efficiently and effectively and achieve our regulatory incentives. Across our business, we will explore new ways of thinking and working to benefit every aspect of what we do.

      Embedding innovation and new technology into our operations helps us deliver continuous improvements in the quality and cost of our services.

      Engage externally – Work with external stakeholders to shape UK, EU and US energy policy.

      Policy decisions by regulators, governments and others directly affect our business. We engage widely in the energy policy debate, so our position and perspective can influence future policy direction. We also engage with our regulators to help them provide the right mechanisms so we can deliver infrastructure that meets the changing needs of our stakeholders.

      Embed sustainability – Integrate sustainability into our decision making to create value, preserve natural resources and respect the interests of our communities.

      Our long-term sustainability strategy sets our ambition to deliver these aims and to embed a culture of sustainability within our organisation.

      That culture will allow us to make decisions that embed the principles of the circular economy to protect and preserve natural resources and benefit the communities in which we operate. We remain committed to our targets of a 45 per cent reduction in Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and 80 per cent by 2050.

      Drive growth – Grow our core businesses and develop future new business options.

      We continue to maximize value from our existing portfolio, while exploring and evaluating opportunities for growth. Making sure our portfolio of businesses maintains the appropriate mix of growth and cash generation is necessary to meet the expectations of our shareholders.

      We review investment opportunities carefully and will only invest where we can reasonably expect to earn acceptable returns.

      Combining this disciplined approach with operational and procurement efficiencies gives us the best possible opportunity to drive strong returns and meet our commitments to investors.

      Annual Priorities and Line of Sight

      Every year, we define a series of annual priorities to help us achieve our vision. Together with our strategy, these provide direction and clarity on how we are going to achieve our vision. For our people, we present this with a Line of Sight framework so people can see how their personal objectives link back up to the vision.

    • Line of Sight

    • Line of Sight diagram

      Line of sight is the framework we use to explain that we earn trust from our many stakeholders by not only delivering our objectives but also spending effort concentrating on how we deliver them.  Put another way, we recognise that doing the right thing and working ethically is as important as what we deliver.

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    • UK and EU Annual Priorities 2016/17

      • Create and subsequently sell a majority stake of a stand-alone Gas Distribution Company.
      • Prepare for extended competition in Electricity Transmission including an enhanced System Operator role.
      • Determine the future of the SO in relation to the UK Energy Market and implications on wider business.
      • Prepare for and respond to the mid-term review of the GD, ETO and GTO RIIO price controls.
      • Establish a high performance culture across the UK business and that performance excellence is the way we work to serve our customers.
      • Improve understanding and demonstrate a step change in our approach to Data and Compliance.

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    • US Annual Elevate Priorities 2016/17

      • Performance excellence. Continue our safety compliance and performance excellence journey.
      • Customer value. Maximise and communicate customer value today.
      • Future customer expectations. Anticipate future customer needs and transform our customer experience.

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