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  • Ruth Kelly, Non-executive Director

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    Appointed: 1 October 2011

    Tenure: 5 years

    Committee membership: A, F, N

    Career and skills: Ruth began her career in Government where she held various senior roles, including Secretary of State for Transport, for Communities and Local Government, for Education

    and Skills and Financial Secretary to the Treasury. She was a senior executive at HSBC until August 2015 before moving to her current role as Pro Vice Chancellor at St Mary’s University. Ruth is also Governor for the National Institute of Economic and Social Research and has also been a Non-executive Director on the Financial Conduct Authority Board since April

    2016. She brings in-depth knowledge of Government and regulatory practice

    to the Board along with experience in banking and corporate finance.

    Skills and experience:

    B, Fi, G and R.

  • Key

    B: Banking Ci: City* Cu: Customer
    E: Engineering Fi: Finance GM: General Management
    G: Government I: International P: Pensions
    R: Regulation Sa: Safety U: Utilities