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  • White Rose

  • National Grid is working with Capture Power Limited a world class consortium consisting of Alstom, Drax and BOC to develop the White Rose Project. This is an oxy-fuelled power and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) demonstration project of up to 426 MWe gross output. National Grid is responsible for the carbon dioxide pipeline, transportation infrastructure and store.

    The power plant will be located at the existing Drax Power Station site near Selby, North Yorkshire, and generating electricity for export to the Electricity Transmission Network as well as capturing approximately 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. That's around 90% of all carbon dioxide emissions produced by the plant.

    The White Rose Project will use the common pipeline and storage infrastructure that National Grid is developing for the Humber cluster.  This cluster brings together a large concentration of emitters (power stations and industrial sources including the White Rose project) and connects them to nearby geological formations below the North Sea to realise cost savings through economies of scale. 

    Project Milestones 

    On 9 December 2013, the UK government announced the award of a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study to the White Rose Project as part of its CCS Commercialisation Programme. In parallel with the FEED study we are now working to agree the contracts necessary to build the infrastructure and expect to be in a position to make a final investment decision on the project in early 2016. This will establish the carbon dioxide cluster in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

    1. Early 2013 - DECC selected preferred bidders for award of FEED contract. The White Rose project was selected.
    2. Late 2013 - DECC awarded FEED contract to the White Rose project
    3. Late 2015 - FEED contracts conclude and Development Consent Order decision made by Planning Inspectorate
    4. Early 2016 - Final Investment Decision, with construction potentially commencing 2016
    5. 2020-21 - First CCS Project commences operation

    Further information on the White Rose Project can be found at and at our CCS consultation site.