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  • Don Valley

  • National Grid is working with 2Co to develop the Don Valley Power Project (formerly known as the Hatfield Project, instigated by Powerfuel Power and taken forward by 2Co Energy). This project seeks to develop Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) on a new power station at Stainforth near Doncaster in North Yorkshire.

    2Co is responsible for the design and construction of the power station and carbon capture facilities. National Grid will be responsible for the design, construction and operation of the transportation and storage assets. National Grid's assets will become the common infrastructure used to support a cluster of CCS plants where emissions from a string of power stations and industrial sites around the Humber estuary could be piped to the offshore storage site.

    The Don Valley Power Project was awarded a €180m European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR) grant which contributes towards the feasibility and design phase of the development. National Grid is a co-beneficiary of the EEPR grant.

    While Don Valley received EU funding, it was not chosen by DECC to proceed in its CCS commercialisation programme. Following DECC's decision, the Don Valley Power Project has restructured to enable it to proceed outside of the DECC competition

    Further information on the Don Valley Power Project can be found at and at our public consultation website