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    BritNed is a 1,000MW high voltage direct current (HVDC) link between the British and Dutch transmission systems. It is operated by BritNed Development Limited, a 50:50 joint venture between National Grid and TenneT, the Dutch Transmission System Operator. The venture is funded and operated on a commercial basis and is independent of their regulated businesses.

    The BritNed interconnector is approximately 260km in length and runs beneath the North Sea between the Isle of Grain in Kent and Maasvlakte, near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It is the first electricity connection between the UK and the Netherlands and the first between the UK and Europe since the commissioning of the IFA link with France in 1986.

    The interconnector supports security of the electricity supply in both markets and allows BritNed's customers to participate in the UK and European markets and create open access for all. BritNed transmits power in both directions, driven by price differentials and demand patterns between the two power markets. The link facilitates competition and contributes to the European Commission's desire for greater interconnection.


    BritNed's customers have open access to the capacity through a combination of implicit and explicit auctions. This gives them real choice about how they bid for capacity and ensures that BritNed supports the ambitions for greater transparency in the European energy markets.

    Explicit auctions running on BritNed's own trading platform allow market participants to purchase capacity and electricity separately. They can buy tranches of capacity up to one year before the delivery day. 

    At the implicit auction market participants can buy capacity as well as electricity in one single transaction. BritNed's day-ahead implicit auction (market coupling) is facilitated by the energy exchange, APX.

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