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  • Doing the Right Thing: Our ethical code of conduct

    • Doing the Right Thing: National Grid's code of conduct; incorporating ethics into our everyday work At National Grid, Doing the Right Thing underpins everything we do.  

      The choices and decisions we make every day really matter. All our employees should all feel confident in voicing their opinions and concerns, and in challenging behaviour which is inconsistent with the principle of doing the right thing – even if that might mean missing targets, extra costs or questioning an instruction from a manager.

      Doing the Right Thing is essentially our 'code of conduct' and it sets out how we do things at National Grid and offers guidelines for ethical compliance in important policy areas. It applies to all employees from the Board down and defines the values that underpin our everyday decisions. It provides guidance for dealing with different situations that we may face from time to time. Ethical business behaviour depends on all of us accepting our responsibility for upholding the highest standards of behaviour and decision-making.

    • National Grid has been recognised for the fifth year as one of the world's most ethical companies.

      The World’s Most Ethical (WME) Companies designation recognises companies that truly go beyond making statements about doing business “ethically” and translate those words into action. WME honorees not only promote ethical business standards and practices internally, they exceed legal compliance minimums and shape future industry standards by introducing best practices today.