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  • Registered offices

  • Group Companies' Names, Registration Numbers & Registered Offices

    (UK, Isle of Man, Jersey, Ireland and Cayman Islands companies only.)

    The following companies are registered in England and Wales and have their registered office at 1 - 3 Strand, London, WC2N 5EH.

  • Company Name Company Number
    Beegas Nominees Limited 1903377
    Birch Sites Limited 6404382
    Britned Development Limited 4251409
    Carbon Sentinel Limited           8116471
    Droylsden Metering Services Limited             9415958
    Gridcom Limited 4024441
    Icelink Interconnector Limited 8082355
    Landranch Limited 1390431
    Lattice Group Employee Benefit Trust Limited 4045072
    Lattice Group Limited 3900804
    Lattice Group Trustees Limited 4082305
    Natgrid Limited 3389964
    Natgrid One Limited 5521240
    NatgridTW1 Limited 7579324
    National Grid (US) Holdings Limited 2630496
    National Grid (US) Investments 2 Limited 3784528
    National Grid (US) Investments 4 Limited 3867128
    National Grid (US) Partner 1 Limited 4314432
    National Grid Belgium Limited 8288450
    National Grid Blue Power Limited 6300210
    National Grid Carbon Limited 3932833
    National Grid Commercial Holdings Limited 4042700
    National Grid Distributed Energy Limited 10525864
    National Grid Electricity Group Trustee Limited 8100662
    National Grid Electricity Transmission plc 2366977
    National Grid Energy Metering Limited 9575002
    National Grid Four Limited 3928172
    National Grid Fourteen Limited 4382950
    National Grid Gas Holdings Limited 3675375
    National Grid Gas plc 2006000
    National Grid Grain LNG Limited 4463679
    National Grid Holdings Limited 3096772
    National Grid Holdings One plc 2367004
    National Grid IFA 2 Limited 9129992
    National Grid Interconnector Holdings Limited 8169384
    National Grid Interconnectors Limited 3385525
    National Grid International Limited 2537092
    National Grid Metering Limited 3705992
    National Grid North Sea Link Limited 8082344
    National Grid Offshore Limited 3741098
    National Grid plc 4031152
    National Grid Property (Northfleet) Limited 6548124
    National Grid Property Holdings Limited 3797578
    National Grid Seventeen Limited 4492598
    National Grid Smart Limited 9964942
    National Grid Ten 4341097
    National Grid Thirty Five Limited 5284987
    National Grid Thirty Four Limited 9874533
    National Grid Thirty Six Limited 4611486
    National Grid Twelve Limited 4355616
    National Grid Twenty Eight Limited 7926588
    National Grid Twenty-Five Limited 7290258
    National Grid Twenty-One Limited 4547956
    National Grid Twenty Seven Limited 7926596
    National Grid Twenty Three Limited 6999009
    National Grid UK Limited 4508773
    National Grid UK Pension Services Limited 3615517
    National Grid Ventures Limited 8116497
    National Grid Viking Link Limited 9075537
    National Grid William Limited 7290232
    Nemo Link Limited 8169409
    NG Nominees Limited 2489329
    NG Shetland Link Limited      10841592
    NGC Employee Shares Trustee Limited 2536998
    NGET / SPT Upgrades Ltd 7057886
    NGG Finance plc 4220381
    NGRID Intellectual Property Limited 4134416
    NGT Telecom No.1 Limited 3751494
    NGT Two Limited 5234289
    Port Greenwich Limited 2392867
    Stargas Nominees Limited 1882366
    Supergrid Electricity Limited 4563531
    Supergrid Energy Transmission Limited 4165725
    Supergrid Limited 2444213
    Thamesport Interchange Limited 6404380
    The National Grid Group Quest Trustee Company Limited 3297313
    The National Grid YouPlan Trustee Limited 8709304
    Transco Limited 4023840

    The following companies are registered in locations other than England and Wales. 
    Their details (in name, number, location and address order) are listed below:  

     British Transco Finance (No.1) Limited
    Cayman Islands reg.64209
    C/o Maples and Calder, Ugland House
    South George Street, George Town, Grand Cayman,
    P O Box 309 GT, Cayman Islands

    British Transco Finance (No.2) Limited
    Cayman Islands reg.60475
    C/o Maples and Calder, Ugland House
    South George Street, George Town, Grand Cayman,
    P O Box 309 GT, Cayman Islands

     Lattice Telecom Finance (No 1) Limited
    Isle of Man reg. 104832C
    Place of Business no. FC024097
    Fort Anne, Douglas, 
    Isle of Man, IM1 5PD

     National Grid Insurance Company (Ireland) Designated Activity Company
    Ireland reg. 367829
    Ireland 38/39, Fitzwilliam Square,
    Dublin 2, Ireland

     National Grid Insurance Company (Isle of Man) Limited

    Isle of Man  reg. 31706IOM
    Third Floor, Jubilee Buildings, Victoria Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2LR

     National Grid Jersey Investments Limited
    Jersey  reg. 87703
    Place of Business no. FC25510
    44 Esplanade, St Helier, Jersey, JE4 9WG

    National Grid US 6 LLC
    Place of Business no. FC028513
    2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400, New Castle County Wilmington DE 19808 United States

    NG Jersey Limited
    Jersey reg. 75791
    44 Esplanade, St Helier, Jersey, JE4 9WG

    NGT Holding Company (Isle of Man) Limited 
    Isle of Man reg. 001264V 
    3rd Floor, St George's Court, Upper Church Street
    Douglas, IM1 1EE, Isle of Man 


    “National Grid” is used as a trading name for a number of companies within the National Grid group. “National Grid” is a registered trade mark.