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  • Keyspan Governance Documents

  • At KeySpan, our corporate governance practices support the Company’s uncompromising corporate ethics, quality of earnings and financial reporting and focus on shareholder value. These high standards are supported by governance practices that have earned KeySpan a high Institutional Shareholder Services corporate governance quotient score that rates KeySpan higher than over 97% of the companies in the utility sector and the S&P 500.

    KeySpan’s directors and management have always had a commitment to stringent oversight of all aspects of the Company’s business. Examples of this commitment include:

    Post Sarbanes-Oxley review of our governance practices revealed KeySpan’s compliance with governance requirements.
    Each standing committee of our Board has a written charter outlining its duties and responsibilities.
    A toll-free hotline is available to anonymously submit concerns regarding accounting or auditing matters to the Company’s Audit Committee.
    In response to new regulations and increased interest in corporate governance issues, KeySpan’s Audit Committee of the Board of Directors has established a hotline as a means for individuals to anonymously inform the Audit Committee if you have concerns regarding accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters. You can call KeySpan’s corporate governance hotline at 1-866-696-7731 where you will be able to leave a confidential, anonymous message that will be transcribed and forwarded to the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

    Shareholders and other interested parties may communicate directly with the Board, any Director, group of Directors or Committee of the Board by writing to: KeySpan Corporation, One MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Attention Corporate Secretary's Office and specifying to whom the correspondence should be directed. Communications can also be sent via e-mail to

    In keeping with KeySpan’s high corporate governance standards, we are pleased to make various governance related documents available to the investing public on these pages.

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  • Code of Conduct for Chief Executive and Senior Financial Officers

    CODE OF ETHICS FOR CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AND SENIOR FINANCIAL OFFICERS OF KEYSPAN CORPORATION 1 This Code of Ethics (“Code”) applies to KeySpan Corporation’s (“KeySpan”) Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, Controller, or persons performing similar functions. Its purpose is to p

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    Executive Stock Ownership Guidelines

    1 KeySpan Corporation Corporate Policies and Procedures Officer Stock Ownership Policy KeySpan Corporation believes that the Corporation and its shareholders are best served when the interests of its officers are closely aligned with the interests of its shareholders. One method to achieve this alignment is by requirin

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    Board of Directors Code of Ethics Policy

    1 The Board of Directors of KeySpan Corporation (“KeySpan” or the “Corporation”) adopts this KeySpan Corporation Board of Directors Code of Ethics (the “Code of Ethics”) which supplements the Corporate Policy Statement Concerning Ethical Business Conduct and the Corporate Policy Statement Concerning Affiliate Transacti

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    Certificate of Incorporation
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    Corporate Policy Statement: Ethical Business Conduct for All KeySpan Employees

    Corporate Policy Statement: Ethical Business Conduct for All KeySpan Employees EBC -1 of 5 Policy Objective KeySpan has established the principles of respect, integrity, trust, honesty and community service as cornerstones of the Company and it requires its directors, officers and employees to conduct business in a law

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    KEYSPAN CORPORATION BY-LAWS June 25, 2003 COUNTIES OF KINGS AND NASSAU NEW YORKKEYSPAN CORPORATION INDEX Page ARTICLE I OFFICES AND RECORDS Section 1.1 New York Offices ....................................................................................................1 Section 1.2 Other Offices........................

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