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  • Governance of non-financial performance

  • With effect from the end of July 2012, our Board Risk & Responsibility Committee, created in 2002,  was replaced by a new Safety, Environment & Health (SEH) Committee, chaired by Philip Aiken, focussing on safety, environmental and health matters.

    In relation to safety, environment and health, the committee reviews the strategies, policies, initiatives, risk exposure, targets and performance of the Company and, where appropriate, of its suppliers and contractors. It also monitors the resources we use for compliance and driving improvement in these areas. Examples of matters the SEH Committee reviewed during the year include:

    • safety training session focusing on effective safety discussions and process safety;  
    • lessons learnt and steps taken following the fatalities in the UK and US during 2011/12;  
    • update on the UK safety strategy; safety leadership initiatives implemented, such as senior employee safety days and unannounced safety visits;  
    • in depth review of our approach to safety in the US, and how this compares with our peers;  
    • climate change strategy, including performance against emissions targets and carbon budgets; and  
    • environmental incidents.

    All other aspects of our non-financial performance, for example Talent & Skills, are overseen by our Executive Committee and reviewed, as appropriate, by our full Board.

    "At the end of July last year, I was appointed as chairman of the new Safety, Environment and Health (SEH) Committee which replaced the Risk & Responsibility Committee. The new committee focuses on these three areas in greater detail rather than looking at all non-financial risks and compliance matters as its predecessor did. It also monitors investigations into, and measures taken following, major incidents."

    Philip Aiken
    Committee Chairman